Michael Spears
Phone Number: Extension 323

Courses Taught: Intro. to Theater, Theater 2, Theater Productions.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Theater Productions! Love you guys! As of Thursday, Aug. 6, we have 22 Production kids returning in person and 5 going to full time virtual. Alice in Wonderland is still possible, with expanded roles for Kayla, Reneishia, Allysa, Cece, Conner-New guy. Intro and Theater 2 students: The question asked most often is: If I'm interested in Theater Productions what do I need to do? 1. Get in my Intro and/or Theater 2 classes that are in person. 2. Do not get MS Wylie for these classes because I need to see you on stage to see if you are ready for Theater Productions. 3. Theater Productions is by invite only by myself, not a course you can just sign up for. The 5 Production students who are virtual learners, I will have assignments/grades for you guys in schoology and you are welcome to join us whenever you return! 1st. day of school is now August 17th!
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Bio. Theater Teacher 2012-2020. English Teacher 2007-2011.